Guest Artists


KEVIN-PALM-GillysOct2012_-219x250Kevin Palm (Bagpipes)

An accomplished solo bagpiper, Kevin lives in Louisville Kentucky and joins the band regularly to add that driving harmony pipe sound on some of the bands energized live songs. Kevin’s interests and influences in the Highland Bagpipes span a wide spectrum from the Traditional Highland sound to driving Celtic Rock.


Mackenzie Aughe (Vocals)

Mackenzie first sang with Dulahan in the studio in 2005 at age 11 on The Very Fine Singer on the CD Not Against my Own. As a teenager she began joining the band at live performances to Irish Step Dance and add backing vocals and continues to join the group occasionally onstage. In 2009 she performed backing vocals on the Dulahan CD Mist of the Irish Sky and the follow up CD Live at Bainbridge in 2010. In 2011 Mackenzie performed her first lead vocal number with the band, ”When My Love Sails Away” on the bands 6th CD Little Bits of Truth. and backing vocals on the song “Find A Way”  on the 88 Years  album. Mackenzie was an original member of the pop acapella group Vega and has performed with acapella groups Dynamic Contrast  and Majors and Minors in Columbus, Ohio.

Bettina Solas (Bodhran)b-120

Bettina hails from Yellow Springs Ohio and is not only an accomplished bodhran player but an excellent solo vocal performer in her own right. Bettina performs her solo act regularly at various venues throughout southwest Ohio.

Bettina periodically joins the band onstage to add her bodhran to the mix for a rousing version of the percussion laden crowd favorite, Lime Juice Tub.

Cassidy Aughe (Backing Vocals)

Cassidy first performed with Dulahan at the age of 8 singing backing vocals with the Daughters of Dulahan on the song The Very Fine Singer that was released on the bands 2nd CD Not Against My Own in 2005. She has been singing ever since and in high school was a member of the pop acappella group Vega. In the spring of 2013 Vega performed in New York City at the International Competition of High School Acappella. Cassidy performed Irish dance numbers at Dulahan shows for years and began to periodically join Dulahan on stage to add vocal harmonies. She recorded a backing vocal track on “Find A Way”,  on Dulahan’s 7th CD 88 Years. Cassidy performs with the acapella group Majors and Minors at Ohio State University.

butkeJim Butke (Accordion)

Jim Butke is a long time  friend of the band and an outstanding piano accordionist. Jim has played feiseanna throughout the U.S. and Canada, including the Southern and Mid-America region Oireachtas. He also performs regularly with his band Callahan and O’Connor in the northern  Ohio area. Although Jim plays a busy performance schedule of his own, when he and the Dulahan boys get the chance to make music together it’s always big fun!